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Anyma, Argy, and MAGNUS Unleash the Power of Melodic Techno in Afterlife Debut

In a highly anticipated return to original productions after the success of Genesys, Anyma has teamed up with Afterlife stalwart Argy, accompanied by the captivating vocals of MAGNUS, to deliver their long-awaited release, "Higher Power." This marks Anyma's first original track since his debut album, and the collaboration promises to be a groundbreaking addition to the world of electronic music.

"Higher Power" gained momentum throughout the summer and reached its peak when showcased on the massive 120-foot-wide LED screen at Afterlife Los Angeles. The track's carefully crafted melodic techno, a trademark of Anyma's artistic prowess, demonstrates his ascent to the pinnacle of the dance music pyramid.

Afterlife, drawing in over 20,000 people per night in Los Angeles, rightfully earned the title of Dancing Astronaut's 2022 Label of the Year. "Higher Power" is poised to amplify Afterlife's influence even further. With a visually stunning, Moses-inspired aesthetic, Anyma's creative team has seamlessly woven imagery that complements the lyrics, title, and overall ambiance of the music.

Experience the magic for yourself and stream the latest creation from Anyma, Argy, and MAGNUS below. The fusion of their talents promises an unforgettable journey into the realms of melodic techno.

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